Sunday, April 10, 2011

Take Pictures!

I can not stress enough how important it is to take 80 billion pictures of your kid(s) growing! It gets harder as they move more and demand more attention but capturing all those moments will be a blessing in the future!Not everyone is the best picture taker but here are some basic rules to taking a great photo from Nick Kelsh ( )
1) Get Closer! Physically closer, don't just zoom.
2) Turn off your flash! The flash on a regular camera bounces off the objects closest to it. Making it look too bright in the wrong areas (forehead, floor, etc) Try to use natural light as much as possible.
3) Take more pictures. The more pictures you take the higher the chance you'll have an awesome picture hiding in there. Just delete the bad ones after or you end up like me with 80 million bad pictures and 300 good ones taking up space on my computer.

I organize my pictures by date. If you have more than one kid, make a folder of the date the pics were taken then a folder inside for each kid to split up the pictures. Then you'll be able to find exactly the picture you're looking for.

I listened to aq Creative Memories webinar last week and after listing Nick's 3 key rules, the host said "print your pictures." as a final rule. I have THOUSANDS of pictures just hanging out on my computer or posted on my facebook. If you're into scrapbooking print them and make a book if you don't have time for that, get a brag book to keep in the livingroom when company comes over.

Below I want to share some recent photos I took - I have a Canon Rebel T2

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