Thursday, July 7, 2011

Peek-A-Boo, I see you (while driving)

So I thought about doing this for a while and didn’t actually get to making it yet but I have everything I need and it’s pretty easy! Ever wonder what your baby is doing in his rear-faing seat when you’re on the road? Buying mirrors for the headrest is around $25-30 – CRAZY! I got all the stuff to make mine for $6.00. Here’s what you’ll need.
-Mirror – doesn’t have to be great, a desktop or bureau top makeup mirror will work. Make sure it is smaller than the headrest in your car. I got mine at a Salvation Army for $1 – try similar places or yard sale. (After all it is yard sale season!)
-2 ft of elastic band – anything cheap will do. I got 2ft for $3 at Michaels.
-Needle and Thread – I’m sure you or someone you know has some lying around
-1 old t-shirt, blanket or sweatshirt – stay away from jersey or super stretchy fabric.
-Super Glue – got some at the dollar for…$1.
-Two ½ inch(ish) buttons.
-Trace the mirror onto the fabric (t-shirt)
-Cut diagonal slits on the corners of your outline (cut on the INSIDE of the outline not the outside “/ \”)
-Cut out 2 inches around the mirror outline – so you have a 2 inch border around the mirror.
-Cut your elastic in half so you have two strips that are 1ft long.
-Sew 1 button to the end of each strip.
-Cut small ¼ inch holes 2 inches apart (about 5) on the other end of the strips.
-Lay the strips on top of the fabric cut out so they are at least 4 inches from the outside edge of the sides and sew down the middle (by hand or machine)
-Cover the back of the mirror in super glue and set inside your outline.
-Stretch the slit corners around the corners of the mirror.
-When it is dry, bring to the car and place the mirror onto the front of the headrest where baby sits. Stretch the straps until tight and button closed in the back. To tilt the mirror so it shows little baby’s face in the rear-view mirror, roll up some of the remaining fabric and stuff between the top of the head rest and the mirror. Make sure it is tight under the elastic and will not come out.
Now go for a drive – I am at work and can’t add pictures but I have illustrations coming later tonight =]


  1. I COMPLETELY forgot!!! I'll have some up tomorrow - sorry about that (mom brain)