Thursday, December 15, 2011

Free Things Everyone Spends Money On

This Holiday, along with my brown wrapping paper, I will be using the "feather" gift tags and "cookie tags". It does help that I work for a printing company but any ol' color printer will do!

Neat envelopes: printable envelope templates are all over the internet and they tell you to get "pretty paper" i think newspaper or colorful pages from magazines look really neat!

Setting the tone: during the holidays it's always really nice to have great Christmas music playing. I suggest and choose "Eliot Smith Christmas" radio. It's great new Christmas tunes! Another good one is Barry Louis Polisar and Rafi radio for kid time :)

DIY Silly Christmas Photoshoot: Cut giant holiday things out of chipboard (thin cardboard - painting them is optional) and pose your kid(s) with them and snap some silly photos for Christmas cards instead. Great ideas: Giant ornament, antlers, snowman with a hole for your kiddos face hehe, the posibilities are endless..

Also if anyone is interested in some Holiday Card templates made by me - let me know (


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