Thursday, December 1, 2011

Incredible Edible..


Bear's first sentence is "Cook egg, Mama!" - more like a demand. It's hard getting his attention long enough to get some food with value into his tummy. So we have he amazing egg-pop. Basically a hard boiled egg with a fork stuck up the middle.

What we do is after grocery shopping, Bear and I will boil 4 or so eggs (9 minutes after boiling makes the perfect hard boiled egg). Then we draw silly faces on the shells with sharpie before putting them back into the carton - Bear loves this part. Then we just pull em out for snacks! I let him pick which face he wants to eat - sounds weird, I know!

Occasionally if I am making a food with loits of color i'll peel and dye one of the eggs. I was snacking on canned beats which Bear didn't want and dyed an egg pink - he really loved that. Spinach juice, pomegranate juice, etc are all good for coloring.

Happy Snacking!