Thursday, July 5, 2012

Outdoor Play: 1

Yay Summer! I am so happy we get to play outside now. As you know, toddlers are too young for water balloons. You also spend a huge amount of time saying "don't throw that!" and teaching your kids htat throwing is not OK. I saw these Sponge Balls and thought it was brilliant!

You will need:
Large Sponges from the $1 Store - ones without any scrubby pad or soap and pretty colors look better
Two buckets of water - also found at the $1 store or use big pots/small trash cans
Zip Ties
Nail Clippers

How To:
Cut your sponges into thirds the long way
Group 6 or so of the strips together
Tighten a zip tie around the middle
Use nail clippers to cut off the excess zip tie as close as possible to avoid anything pointy

Stand a few feet apart and the object of the game is to get as many of your sponge balls into the other person's bucket. Riles: Get really wet and laugh alot!


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