Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mommy's Little Helper

Well I am TRYING to get some work done but my little munchkin will nt stop throwing fits! I keep reminding myself "this is a phase, this is a phase" but here are some tips I've been using to get through it...

I do not own a gated playpen area nor do I really want to spend the money on one, but my little man get's into EVERYTHING! Before I start working or doing something that I can't give Bear my full attention I sweep through and pick up all small things off the floor that are not baby safe, pt away all chords that are plugged in and clean off surfaces. (this takes 3 - 4 minutes)

I bring a bunch of entertaining toys and a laundry basket for Bear to play with and set them near where I am working.

Play some music if you can't be chatting with your baby while you work or do chores this way neither of you are listening to nothing.

If your baby is bored and requires some attention it can be frustrating, take a deep breath and a 5 minute break for play time.

If possible schedule your time so baby is napping.

Always have snacks and juice handy so you don't have to interrupt what you re doing to prepare anything - goldfish and a juice box work great!

Sometimes things are just impossible but having patience is number one - your baby just wants to play and thats a happy thing =]


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