Friday, June 24, 2011

recipe Day #3 - OOps

So I totally slacked this week with the daily recipes – Bear is teething and we both fell asleep at 8:30pm last night! Yikes! I got nothing done…Today I have a recipe for black bean baby burrito and some serving size suggestions from (I refer to this website often for questions like this)
What/how much to serve your baby:
· Whole milk
· Other dairy (soft pasteurized cheese, full-fat yogurt and cottage cheese)
· Same food as family, mashed or chopped into bite-size pieces
· Iron-fortified cereals (rice, barley, wheat, oats, mixed cereals)
· Other grains (whole wheat bread, pasta, rice)
· New fruits: melon, papaya, apricot, grapefruit (citrus is now okay)
· New vegetables: broccoli and cauliflower "trees"
· Protein (eggs; cut-up or ground meat, poultry, boneless fish; tofu; beans; thinly spread smooth peanut butter)
· Citrus and non-citrus juice
· Honey is now okay
How much per day
· 2 to 3 servings dairy (1 serving = 1 cup milk, ½ to 1 oz. cheese, 1/3 to ½ cup yogurt or cottage cheese)
· 4 to 6 servings cereals and other grains (1 serving = ¼ to 1/3 cup cereal, ¼ cup pasta or rice, ¼ to ½ slice bread or bagel)
· ¼ to ½ cup fruit
· ¼ to ½ cup vegetables
· 2 servings protein (1 serving = 2 tablespoons ground or two 1-inch cubes meat, poultry, or fish; 1 egg; ¼ cup tofu or cooked beans; 1 tablespoon smooth peanut butter)
· 3 to 4 oz. juice
Burrito! – this makes enough for two adult burritos too
1 Green Pepper – chopped up really small
1 Seasoning assortment – I cant remember the brand but they have them in the seasoning aisle (maybe mccormick?) and it’s a cardboard pieces with 6 plastic ‘bubbles’ with premeasured spices – get the Mexican one.
½ Sweet Onion – chopped up small
1 can of black beans – drained, low sodium
1 bag of Uncle Bens whole grain rice (I like the 90 second rice)
1 bag of whole wheat tortillas
1 Avocado
½ cup shredded Yellow Cheddar
Greek Yogurt (side)
Salsa (optional) more for the adults as salsa can be spicy
In a frying pan with a 1 tbs olive oil toss in the peppers, onions and beans – let cook until the veggies are real soft. Add in the rice and seasoning – the Mexican seasoning may have something spicy – leave that out and taste things as you put them in – you know your baby and what he will/will not eat. Zap a tortilla in the microwave for 12 seconds – you can do this in the oven but I find they are easier for a baby to eat gummy than crispy. Lay the tortilla out flat and spread on greek yogurt (thin) and add the topping from the pan (thin). Add shredded cheddar on top and slice and peel the avocado and put thin slices on top. Fold in half and cut up to bite size pieces – this will be a messy meal but delicious!
I really enjoy these burritos too, the beans and avocado add lots of protein!

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