Friday, November 11, 2011

Timeout Success

When I'm asked how I deal with my screaming, tantrum throwing, biting toddler I respond, normally, with "timeouts" or "attempting timeouts".

How I do it:
He gets a warning.
He does it again.
I pick him up and tell him he is in time out for one minute.
I sit him on a chair - it was the floor but the floor was too entertaining.
He tries to get down.
I put him back.
Repeat. (don't worry it gets better just be persistent).
I ignore him and do something else for the time being.
Once he's sat there for a full minute - screaming or not - I go over, I get down at his level I tell him why he was there, then hug, kiss, lets do something else.

I have to say that I didn't think it was working but yesterday I gave him a warning not to hit me or he was going in time out and he stopped, pointed at the time out chair and went to go do something else.

Then today, he threw his dinner on the floor, I asked him to pick it up and put it in Mama's hand and he got down, picked it up and chucked it across the room again. I told him he needs to pick it up and put it in my hand or he'd get a time out. Of course he threw it again except this time AT me! So to time out for one minute - at first he threw a mini fit but towards the end of the minute he got quiet and sat contently until I came back. I put him down asked him to help clean up the dinner he threw on the floor and he went right over, picked up each piece and put it in my hand!!

We've been doing time outs when needed for about 3 weeks and I am glad he is understanding the purpose and how to behave.

If you are doing time outs and not seeing results - just keep up with it!

Best of luck in approaching the terrible twos..


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  1. Thank you for the encouragement on timeouts! They didn't seem to work a few months ago, so we stopped. I think we will start again and continue longer :-). The dog bowls and other "no touch" items are a current challenge!!!