Thursday, November 17, 2011

We Survived Teething

After THREE weeks of no sleep, temper tantrums, sore gums and snot, the teeth are finally broken through (for now). So to any mom thinking they will never make it through toddler teething - you will! There will be a time when you get a semi-decent nights sleep not long from now.

More fun things to come!



  1. Now if only we could get them excited about brushing their teeth. Kahlan used to brush when I sang to her, but not any more! Noooosirreeee! Sigh.

  2. Do you brush your teeth together? I brush my teeth with Bear and every time we go into the bathroom he sticks one finger in his mouth and pretends it's a toothbrush. I'm not sure hwy he is fascinated by doing it but i think part of it was him seeing me brush my teeth too. Mom's make everything cooler.

  3. We do! But she's starting to wander out of the room or just suck on the brush and then hand it back to me. I have tried going back to the finger brush, but that just makes her want to bite!

    We have a bath book that shows a boy and girl brushing their teeth, so that helps some nights. She wants to copy them.

    Oooh teething. Can you imagine explaining flossing?