Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello World

Spring time is finally emerging again - I've missed you warmth! Bear's favorite song if "You Are My Sunshine" although he only knows "sunshine, happy, take sunshine" it's still totally adorable!

We recently planned an attack on poor daddy. Bear and I hid behind the side of the garage and bombarded daddy with water guns when he got home on the vroom-vroom. Oh boy THAT was fun. We got really easy to squirt guns from the dollar store and then ran all around the driveway until each of us were soaked through. it was truly one of those moments you wish was on tape (or... CD?)

I feel bad because I am loosing my blogability. As Bear gets older those nifty little things are becoming harder to find. I am thinking the remainder of May will be craft month here on Nifty Things while i get my thoughts situated.

If anyone has anything to contribute please let me know!!



  1. My husband built me a cornhole set from some wood he bought at Lowe's as a mother's day gift. It takes some time and skill (and tools), but doesn't cost much. I think Kahlan is going to love throwing bean bags into the holes.

    I too have slowed down on picture taking! (I was going to make birthday invites using pics of her)

    1. thats cute! we used a picture of Bear on his and everyone loved it.

      The cornhole set sounds awesome I'll have to look into that. My man has lots of tools, ill have to make him use em :)