Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nifty Ways to Save BIG

So recently I have been dedicating some of my time and going out of my way to find fairly easy ways to save or get some stuff for free. Normally rewards and coupon programs are either too time consuming or not worth it in the end but two programs I found useful.

Groupon: I ended up getting a super deal on Bear's new tricycle and got two years of parenting magazine for $5. Whats great about Groupon is they give you one of these neat links: and every time someone uses that link to buy a Groupon you get $10 off your next purchase! So when you sign up and get your link make sure you use my link to get started :)

Viggle: It's an app for Android and iphones. Basically you watch TV, check in, get points and redeem them for gift cards. I have had the app for about 6 weeks and gotten $25 in Starbucks cards and $20 in Gap/Old Navy Cards! That's a pretty sweet deal for checking into the shows I watch anyways!

Starbucks Cards: If you are a regular at Starbucks like me, you know how much they get you on the prices. I used my Viggle points and redeemed them on the Starbucks app and ended up being a "gold Card Member" and get a free coffee and special offers every 2 weeks. Now that adds up! Sign up for the email newsletter and get a $10 coupon on your kids birthday. 2 is a big year for tricycles and wagons and $10 off isn't a bad deal.

Anyone have some neat and easy money savers?


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