Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Part Two of Father's Day Post

So here is the craft half of my Father's Day gift idea. I got the idea from Life in the Green House and modified it to fit my family.

I plan to make three different colored sticks Red, Blue & Green
Red - Family Outings
Blue - Mommy & Daddy Outings
Green - Mommy & Daddy Stay@Home Dates

we always drive around or see and add for somewhere and go "we should go there!" and then when we have time/money we forget and don' know what to do.

I thought this would be a good father's day gift specifically for Tim because it can be a "daddy's pick" jar and also Bear can help me paint and decorate :)

Family Outings - Story Land, Beach Trip, Train Ride
Mommy & Daddy Outings - Bowling & Beer, Drinks at 188, Movies, Drive In
Mommy & Daddy Stay@Home Dates - Burgers & Zombie Movies, Wii Shakes & Popcorn, Daddy Cooks & Chick Flicks


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