Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FREE Printable Valentines

We made some Valentine's to share!

I got the background from NASA's picture a day page and made a 'galaxy' background.  Then found some fun fonts for the back and left a blank space for your kiddo's name!

Since we wanted to give them a personal touch, I had used paint chips and a star punch to punch out a ton of stars and Bear glued them on.  You could also glue hearts, planets, glitter, etc to make them super pretty and personal!

Here are Bear's out to dry...

Go to THIS LINK to download and print yours.

 There are two pages, if your home printer does not print two sided print one side, flip and print the other.  I have included gray marks that show where to cut.


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  1. Neat! I was thinking of snagging some kid related bookmarks from the library and using those as a Valentine. Or just some cardstock and have her put stickers on them.