Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Spy & Something for Mum and Dad

SUPER Easy project for a weekend - I spy bottle!!

I had a cool water bottle kicking around the floor of my car it was a $1 bottle of water from Walgreens so we used that.  Any smooth water bottle will do fine.  I got a half gallon of CLEAR hand soap from target for $3.49 and we rounded up all the knick-knacks and brightly colored choking hazards around the house (crayons, a plastic grenade, a mini teacup, some beads, etc..) OH and glitter...nothing is fun without glitter right?

I had Bear drop all the little pieces into the bottle then we poured the glitter and soap in together. Fill almost to the brim - leave about 1" of air. Squirt some super glue around the sides of the inside of the cap and twist on as tight as you can.  There will be a bunch of bubbles but it will be more fun in an hour or so when everything settles.

Good for finding trinkets and good for learning about what floats vs what sinks :)

For Mum & Dad:  It's hard to time find for our partners these days (gonna keep it g) if anyone wants to spice things up try out for a month (I'll let ya'll know if it's worth it, we'll get our first box next month) but if you want to try use my code: Holly3485


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