Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I like Cheap and Free

I have been pinching pennies lately since I know I will be switching jobs in about a week and a half and the pay period will be off.  I've found some awesome deals on stuff and just wanted to give you a heads up that this is easy, fast and has potential to save you a bunch of money.

As I mentioned before I used (my referral link does not work right now because I suspended my subscription) I purchased a Groupon for $15 for a 3-month subscription to Citrus Lane.  In those three months, we received (sorry I don't have all the brand names in front of me):

Children's CD
Greentoys Airplane
PlanToys vegetable and play knife
Snack Bowls
Epicential Kids hypoallergenic all natural lotion and shampoo sampler
A sing-a-long book
Dark Chocolate (for me)
Lotion (for me)
A $10 gift voucher for
Bowl and Plate set
2 Squeeze Packs of apple sauce
Brag Book
To-go lunch container

I feel like I'm missing something but below is one of the boxes we received:
Dec. 2012 -- A Few Of Our Favorite Things

My latest find was at TopFloor - very similar to groupon but more fashion.  They had a special for $10 for a one month subscription to Wittlebee and free shipping for the next two months.  Wittlebee picks out 6 items of clothing for your little and packs them up nice and ships 'em over.  I've read mixed reviews but figured $10 was worth it at $1.66 per piece of clothing and I can always cancel if I am unhappy.  They ask general questions (Age, Gender, Size and Clothing Preference) and also give you the option to leave notes.  I left the note that although it's winter in Maine, I would like shorts and tshirts.  I will be making an un-official review when I receive my first package :)

I found another great Groupon for I paid $19.00 and got 3 youth small t-shirts for Bear.  They may not fit until next year but hey - they were awesome for $6.66 each (reg. $14.99 each). I got a Arctic Animals T, a Wolf T and this awesome gem...

Image displayed is small youth shirt. Image print for all youth sizes is approx. 11 inches x 13 inches

I have also gotten a bunch of free samples from and joined a few birthday clubs (Kidorable, Burger King and The Childrens Place).

Moral of the story, sites like Groupon are AMAZING! Subscription packages are AMAZING! And stocking up for the future is never a bad plan.  You never know what your financial situation will be in the upcoming months.

Before ordering from anywhere, be sure to see if you can use ebates to get there and get cash back...

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


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