Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bento Trend

This year is starting off really great - I am starting a new job in two weeks and I am really looking forward to something different and a little more up my ally.  Part of the New Year New Me motto is eating a healthier diet.  I am always so drained and feel like I don't give Bear the attention he needs once I get home from work.  So I have decided to pack lunch and eat breakfast.  Sadly, I have just been a "skipper" according to the new McDonald's adds, I don't eat breakfast and don't eat lunch.

I saw a groupon for Bento lunch boxes and jumped right on the trend.  I have searched a bunch of blogging moms who do bento lunches for their kids but not many that pack for themselves.  So, I will share :)

Day 1 Bento:

Bear has breakfast on top and lunch on the bottom (bottom left image)

Breakfast necklace - various types of cheerios and a few apple jacks on a string
One clementine and eight blueberries
Chicken nuggets and tator crowns with ketchup on the bottom (not shown)

My lunch and snack (top left image)
Granola and blueberries (not shown)
Spinach salad with red peppers and honey balsamic dressing
One clementine

Day 2 Bento (just me, bear is home on Wednesdays):

Pasta carbonara (last nights dinner)
Granola and "protein poppers" (recipe here/not shown)
Spinach salad with honey balsamic dressing
Strawberries and blueberries

Now all I need to do is fit in a workout before work...thinking something simple like jumping jacks, crunches and some early morning meditation :)


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