Sunday, January 6, 2013

To Bear From Mommy

I wanted to share a project I have been working on for about a year now.  A while back google had an advertisement about a Dad making a google account to give her daughter when she turns 18.  He uploads videos, fills in a map and writes blog posts to her.  My project is white similar but I have been writing letters to Bear in google drive.  I made a folder called "To Bear From Mommy" and I will give them to him sometime in the future.  I don't stick to a schedule of writing but rather just when I feel inspired or when something has happened that I want him to be able to reflect on in the future.

I highly recommend this even if you never intend to share with your children.  The act of writing my feelings and documenting life events in a private setting have been extremely therapeutic.  If you decide to do this and need some inspiration, here are a few topics I've touched on...

Ode to Bear - What I love about you no matter what
Death of a family member - it's ok. We stick together and remember the great times shared
It's your birthday - look what you're doing now
Funny quotes - things a two yer old says
A list of firsts - looking back

Feels free to include pictures and maps and family vacations - have fun with it!



  1. Cute idea.

    While I was pregnant, I read a very comforting book of letters from one experienced mom to a former student who was pregnant. The love was palpable.

    1. That is awesome - I love stuff like that :)