Saturday, January 19, 2013

Immune Boosting Smoothie

Tis Sick Season!  My facebook wall has been flooded with poor flu victims all week long and I am determined to keep me and my family healthy.  Tim is already iffy feeling a little sick for the last two days but I - after only two servings - swear by this smoothie recipe!

I got this from PinkPistachio and made it on Friday at work (I actually made 4 because they were quite popular)

I used my magic bullet and made single servings of the ingredients instead of making one large batch so I didn't use her directions and found it cold enough so I left out the ice.

This smoothie is green but does not taste leafy and is quite sweet with no added sugar.

Spinach - antioxidents and vitamins
Clementines - vitamin c/d
Orange Juice - vitamin c/d
Bananas - vitamin b6, potasium & fiber
Frozen Pineapple - vitamin c/d
Organic Plain Unsweetened Yogurt - natural antibiotic

I just threw a handful of each, blended then added more yogurt to thicken.


Stay healthy,

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