Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nutrition & Healthy Living

Like a large chunk of Americans, ok most, we don't always eat proper meals.  Not going to lie, Bear's diet is mostly hotdogs.  He has taken an interest in oatmeal, apples and yogurt more recently (yay) but it's safe to say we should be offering him more healthy choices when it comes to breakfast and dinner.

I was looking through some websites to find good recipes for toddlers for my some of my pinboards and came across Super Healthy Kids which has great resources for healthy kids.  Here are a few of the things I found helpful!

Toddler Portions with examples of a few different plates

Recipes, including these yummy looking chicken nuggets

Some ways to get your kids involved in gardening and learning where food comes from

There are tons of resources on there - go check it out!

Another great one is ChooseMyPlate.gov.  especially this entry on "Healthy Eating on a Budget"


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