Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh Mommy Daze

This one is more for fun and for thought. A list of 11 things you could only learn by actually being a Mom (even though you were warned before).

1) How painful labor really is. Some have a a hard time during labor and most have a horrible time during labor - I fell into the hard time category (thank God)

2) I will never ever again eat a hot home cooked meal.

3) Being a working Mom I do miss some major milestones but it's still just as great seeing it when I get home!

4) Babies go through lots, and lots AND LOTS of clothing, very quickly. It needs to be washed constantly and bought constantly.

5) Getting anywhere on time is basically impossible.

6) After a while you'll start talking in baby unexpectedly - say to a coworker, your significant other, or even a stranger in a checkout line. And the most embarrassing part is 80% of the time you wont even know you've done it.

7) What's eating healthy?

8) My body will NEVER look the same after giving birth.

9) There is no such thing as a "night off" I am constantly thinking about and missing my son no matter where I am. In fact - I don't really want a night off!

10) I can survive exactly 4 months without 7 hours of consecutive sleep - then I need 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep or I'll be one mean lady.

11) My entire world was turned right side up the moment my son was born - best feeling in the world - and it gets better every day.

What have ya'll come to realize being a Mommy?


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  1. I rarely talk shop any more. It's all baby! lol.