Friday, March 4, 2011

Play Groups!

I've confronted the fact that I simply can not hold Bear back because I can't be there for everything. He went to his first Bouncing Babies Playgroup at my local Library today and (according to his Popy) had a blast! He even met a baby girl born on the same day as him!

Some of us work full time, some part time and some are stay at home moms, no matter what your situation you can't be there every moment - even though we all want to be! This might require taking initiative in finding places for your baby to interact with other babies. If you can go with your baby that's fantastic! It will give a chance for both of you to meet new families.

Some great places to look are your local Library, YMCA, Churches and checking to see if there are any Mom-to-Mom groups in your area. Since my dad get's to take Bear to the Library and my Mom takes him to the day care during her Bible study I looked for ways for my baby and I to spend time together outside of the home and founf Mommy and Me Swim Lessons at the YMCA! I am totally psyched for these classes. They offer them during the day, mornings, nights and weekends which is amazing - I chose nights so we can go after work.

The YMCA does charge but there are bunches of groups that do not charge anything!

I will let you all know how it goes and what to expect and prepare yourself for after the first one.

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