Monday, February 28, 2011

Nifty Thrifty Giveaway!!

March's Nifty Thrifty Giveaway!

The prize for this month's giveaway is a gift box with:
-Custom baby kicks (boy or girl - you pick size)
-Super Silly Hand Puppet
-A Bedtime Book
-Distract-A-Baby Bracelet
-Personalized Special Surprise Gift for Mom

Here are the rules/how to qualify for my Nifty Thrifty Giveaway!

How to qualify:
To be entered into the giveaway you have to publicly follow my blog (if you choose to privately follow I wont know who you are and can't assign you a number) This giveaway is for mothers with a baby between the ages of 0-18 months. Dad's can apply too but the "Special Gift for Mom" will kind of suck if you're a man. Must have a valid e-mail address.

How it works:
Each person will be assigned a number at random. I'll write the numbers on a piece of paper and toss them in a gerber formula can. You must be a follower by 12pm EST, March 13th, 2011. On March 14th, Bear will stick his sticky hand in and the number that sticks to his hand when he pulls it out will be the winner!! I will post the person's name or screen name (whichever is visible to me) on March 14th, 2011. That person must comment on the blog (this verifies that it's really the right person)saying "I'm the winner!" and email me, by March 20th, 2011. In the subject line please put "Giveaway winner" with your screen name/real name. In the email I will need your shipping name and address, what size shoe your baby wear, and if you would like boy or girl baby kicks. For the "Personalized Surprise Gift for Mom" you will need to tell me a little about your style (what colors you like, favorite outfit, anything about you!)

This is very simple - please be honest and only follow under one name.

Thanks everyone! I wish you luck!


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