Sunday, February 20, 2011

teeth, Teeth, TEETH!!

For many of us it's teeth time! It's hard for momma to get sleep when baby is cuttin' teeth! I haven't mastered teething pain relief at night yet (besides Tylenol) but during the day I've come up with a few things that seem to help!

-Brushing teeth! Before any teeth are showing they make a "gum brush" it's made of silicone and slides onto your finger. That works great for before teeth have actually poked through. If you attempt this after teeth have come through there is a 105% chance you will be bit. Once teeth come through try using an infant tooth brush. They have soft bristles and Bear loves it!

-Slice up pear, apple, mango, starfruit, etc pretty much any fruit that is not citrus works great. Put them in freezer baggies labelled by what they are and freeze. When baby is cranky because of hurting teeth pt one in a mesh teething ring. If you don't have a mesh teething ring wrap one or two in a gerber cloth diaper and make a rubberband tight so no pieces get through. Helps numb the gums and tastes yummy!

-I don't know what companies make these but I have a John Deere Baby brand teether. It looks like an ear of corn. The yellow corn is silicone and vibrates when he bites it. It makes him drool up a storm but he loves that thing!

Avoid letting your baby gnaw on furniture, painted toys and paper of any kind. The finishes, paints and inks may contain toxins linked to autism.

As soon as I find the miracle cure for teething at night I will let you know ASAP! If any of you know...please comment, message or facebook me!

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