Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Big Kid Tub

So I have graduated Bear to the big boy tub - the regular tub - a few weeks ago and thought I'd post about it. I was pretty scared putting him in there with all that room for something to go wrong in there but I've found it is WAY easier than filling up that stupid little mini tub he was in before and way less messy than trying o give him a bath in the sink!

Safety - Some of these are DUH!
-Only fill the tub up to your baby's belly button.
-Never walk away from your baby when they are in the tub.
-Baby should be sitting up on his own for long periods before going in the big tub
-Keep one hand on your baby

Things to do - bath time should be fun by this age.
-Throw in some floating toys. Rubber duckies, foam alphabet letters, the donuts of the donut stacker, etc..
-Mr. Bubble. Bear LOVES bubble baths! He tries to eat the bubbles, grab the bubbles, I put them on my face and make silly faces, its just fun. I buy the cheap store brand not Mr Bubble. It is recommended to not give bubble baths every day because it can dry out your little ones skin.
-Some babies hate when you wash the hair and then pour water over their head. Start making happy noises when you do it, like, "ooohhhh the water fall is coming....swoosh!" It sounds cheasy but if you make it sound fun your baby will associate it with fun.
-Tummy time in the tub. After you wash and rinse baby and when you choose not to do a bubble bath, put one hand under his armpits and lay him on his tummy in the tub while holding his chest out of the water. Let him kick and splash! **Do not let your baby's head go under water...this is NOT ok.

Overall bath-time is a fun bonding experience. After bath lotion, pj and lay down with your baby for a bedtime story and a bottle. Creating a nice soothing time before bed when he can hear your voice is reassuring.


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