Friday, February 18, 2011

Distracted Baby!

I was sitting in church and Bear was climbing all over me, wiggling and talking back at the speaker. I make sure I bring quiet toys for him to play with but he just throws them on the floor and I have to constantly pick them up. Mommy nursing necklaces are mighty pricey so I was thinking of Mommy bracelets instead.
I got big glass beads in all kinds of colors or shapes. Wood works too but I would get unfinished/unpainted so there is no chance of flaking/peeling/lead. Make sure they are not painted glass, if you go with glass, they have to be colored glass beads. Get the heavy duty stretchy string.
Measure your string so it goes twice around your wrist plus 2 inches.

Step 1: Make a "V" with the string by putting one bead in the middle and holding both ends.

Step 2: For the next bead, put BOTH ends through the hole.

Step 3: String all the beads on doubled string, leaving enough extra to tie off.

Step 4: Connect the ends of your bracelet by putting one of the loose ends though the opp
osite looped end and tie with the other loose end. Make sure the knot is tight. I usually make 4 knots.

Sorry if that was confusing...just send me a message if you need help!
Bracelet should be easy to slide on but not too easy to pull off. Only let baby play with it when it is ON you. I have not had mine break and he pulls really hard but before you use it pull it with a little muscle to make sure yours is made correctly.

Once you get the hang of it you can make a bunch of them-stick to larger beads in different shapes and wear a few at a time to entertain your little one for part of a lengthy period of time.


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