Sunday, February 13, 2011


I know this post is a little last minute but these are cute and I have to share.

You will need:
Red Crayola non-toxic finger paint
A shirt you don't care too much about (one for you, one for baby)
Damp washcloth
3x5 white card stock
5x7 red, pink or Valentine's festive card stock
Paper plate
Double sided tape

First you'l want everything ready. Lay out newspaper on a table or tile kitchen floor. Put about a tablespoon on the red paint on the paper plate. Put your art shirt on and your baby's too. put baby in your lap and dip his palm in the red paint, still holding his hand direct it to the paper. I would keep my hand on his just in case the hand heads to mouth...yes it's non toxic but he wont be happy with the taste! Decorate the white paper with hand prints and baby smudges OR you can take a large piece of white card stock and let baby make a big mess on it and cut it to size later. If you are daring let baby use both hands and make a big mess. They love smooshy stuff so it's kinda funny to watch. When you're done, or you've had enough fun for one day, wipe baby's hands with wet cloth, peel off dirty shirt and place baby directly into sink or tub for a good washing.

Now you have a bunch of cards with red paint wiped all over them. Let them dry, then use double sided tape to tape them to the pretty card stock of your choice and write happy valentine's day on the front and a cute message from baby on the back.

Here are Bear's cards...


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