Friday, June 29, 2012

A Little Cash on the Side

So I made the post a while back on Nifty Ways to Save Big and this is an expansion on that post.

I mentioned how awesome Viggle is and I still use it daily. It's an app for free for Android and iPhone that lets you check into TV shows/movies and collect points that can be redeemed for gift cards of various kinds. I have also been lurking groupon and finding good deals for date night ($15 for $50 worth of food).  I also found shop kick that is similar to Viggle, you use your phone to check into stores and collect points that can be redeemed for gift cards.

I have found the glorious glue that connects all these wonderful apps/sites!!!  Ebates is a website created by two ex-lawyers in internet fraud. All you have to do is log in, use their website to get to sites like, and HUNDREDS of others.  I'm normally not a huge fan of endorsing websites but these are all super great! You go through them to shop on those websites (using the gift cards you got FOR FREE from Viggle and ShopKick) and get cash back.  Then ebates sends you a quarterly check for the amount you've earned from shopping basically for free - make sense?

Well I got a great pair of shoes from old navy with my gift cards and got 2% cash back from ebates! I am so excited!  Also if you search "ebates scam" on google, nothing comes up, completely legit.

I always spend WAY too much money when i go to Target by myself so I have decided to shop got all of bear's diapers and wipes. This way i don't "accidentally" throw things in my cart and it just so happens that a giant box of diapers, a giant box of wipes and cat litter all add up to $50.66 so I qualify for free shipping.  I have because a genius!

Anyone have any neat tricks to share??

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