Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's Here! SILLYKIDS July Box FREE Printable!!

Well, I couldn't wait any longer - I just had to share a few hours early :)

This is the first ever totally free monthly "subscription" box for your preschooler - all I ask in return is that you share it with friends and follow the blog (but it's still not a requirement).

Here is how this works.  The first of the month, every month, I will post a blog with a link to download and print a set of activity cards with a theme, shopping list, a craft, a recipe, a toy, an activity and an educational game.  All you have to do, I print it out, grab your shopping list and head to the nearest dollar store (I shop at the Dollar Tree and Target unless otherwise specified) many of the items used a some you probably already have on hand.

Each box I have budgeted $20 - some months will be less, put all the purchased items and the printed cards into the box and present to your preschooler (SillyKid) when you see fit!  Please read through the parent letter and activities before jumping in - all of the crafts/activities can be done 90% by your toddler but you will need to step in for certain spots.

Please, please share pictures of your cuties doing some of the activities - I will share mine as we do them - if you're an instagrammer, find me: PlusPeace and look for hash-tag #SillyKidsBox

Drum-roll please.....

SILLYKIDS July 2013 Monthly Box: Camp Kid!!

Download your copy: HERE!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to do so below.  Also please be respectful, all the drawings, pictures and instructions are written/illustrated/taken by me.  Please feel free to share with friends but do not sell or copy any of the materials.  Some of the crafts, recipes and activities were found online or taught to me by others somewhere down the line so this is my disclaimer that not everything in here is "original" just adapted :)

I also threw in an action figure for an additional $1.  You can definitely tailor this to your kid - be imaginative!


P.S. Look for our pictures of the activities throughout this week!

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