Sunday, June 2, 2013

Coconut Nutella Fudge Pops

Tim and I used to make Nutella Whipped Cream and eat in on Strawberries.  By far, our favorite summertime desert!  I will include the recipe for that too at the bottom.  I had intended to make that tonight for desert but discovered the strawberries to be rotten.  Huge bummer considering they cost like $4.99. 

I was looking around the fridge and cupboards for some magical food to fill that creamy Nutella craving that would pair with the heat outside. I decided to break out the Popsicle molds and try out some Popsicles! 

Coconut Nutella Fudge Pops (makes 6) 

2 Heaping Spoonfulls of Nutella
8oz Heavy Whipping Cream (or just Heavy Cream)
Handfull of Shredded Coconut (Sweetened)

Stick Blender
Large Ziplock Baggy
6 Popsicle Molds

Kid Friendly Recipe!

In you bowl pour in the heavy whipping cream.  Use the stick blender to make stiff peeks.  If you've never whipped cream before keep checking it - if you go too long, you'll have butter.  

Once you have stiff peeks, add two heaping spoonfulls of Nutella.  Blend again until smooth - only 4-5 pulses.  Toss in a handfull of coconut and fold in with the spatula.  

Open up for ziplock and fold down the sites (this makes it easier to stuff).  Scoop out the mixture into the bag and twist the top like a piping bag.  

Cut off a 1/4" nub on the corner of the bag and pipe into the popsicle molds.  

Do not fill to the top, after filling 6 you'll have a little left in the bag.  Tap the molds to make the mixture settle and pipe more in to make them filled to the line (most molds have a fill line).  If there is any left - safe to eat!

Now put the stick/covers on your molds and freeze for 2.5-3 hours (until hardened) and of course this is the hardest part.

I don't add any sugar, Nutella and the coconut have enough sugar in them for us!  To make just the topping for strawberries or as fruit dip, stop before adding the coconut and pipe or spoon over cut fruit.  For icecream topping do the same but add chopped walnuts - yum!

What is your favorite summertime treat?


  1. My kids are obsessed with Nutella! Thanks for this easy-peasy recipe!

    1. Mine is too :) You are very welcome - Enjoy!