Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Kid is Three

My kid is how old?? THREE?!

I get Parenting Early Years and found this months issue particularly good.  It went through some things that your kid is doing and learning by age.  I kind of stopped paying attention to the milestone stuff when I realized how generalized the milestone ages are.  For example some kids walk as early as 9 months and others not until after their first birthday.  I do however always notice when Bear learns something new, like how to make the "spider man hand in web-shooting mode".  You would think that would be something really simple but his hands were never used to only bend certain fingers at certain times so this was a really big deal for him.  It took us over a week and yesterday he finally nailed it.

The article outlines a few things that I didn't even think to notice...

Use scissors - safety scissors of course and we have been practicing cutting on the lines.  Not quite there yet.

Put pants on - he can certainly take them off easily and usually get them up but the band on his undies get stuck on the way up.

Put a shirt on - this ones tricky.  He's just recently shown any interest in putting his own shirt one so he tries for a while until his arms are all stuck and them I step in.

Some that were not on this very short list - putting on slip on shoes, using the pedals on a tricycle (still working on this one) and making mom and dad dinner.  Ok I added in that last one but to be fair Bear made me dinner last week and it was splendid!

Here is what Bear made - Pizza Croissants

You Will Need:
Baking pan lined with tinfoil
Pizza Sauce - we used the kind in a squeeze bottle - easier for small hands
Italian Blend Shredded Cheese
1 Tube of Croissant Dough (pillsbury or store brand)

I let Bear do all of it,  I ripped the tinfoil and opened the tube.  He pulled them all apart slopped on the pizza parts and (sort of) rolled them up - more like a fold.  I popped them in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes and PRESTO! Your Kid made dinner.  Served with apple slices.

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