Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SillyKids - My Own Box

I have been doing Citrus Lane for Bear for about 8 months now.  I REALLY liked it up until about May's Box which I didn't feel was as age appropriate as it had been.  I decided to give it one more month's try and wasn't thrilled with this box either.  I love this company but I think Bear has outgrown it.

I looked into other boxes for kids his age.  I was not impressed with Bluum we got a sun hat that was styled for a baby but was even too big for me and starfish sunglasses that were definitely not for us - totally fine, we put them into the "Birthday Box" for when we have a birthday to attend. I also looked into craft boxes but just didn't see the value there - yes, all the supplies come to you, ready to go but I can just as easily mix supplies we already have into some new items for some fun crafts.

Citrus Lane was $25/month so I've decided to make my own little boxes for Bear each month with a budget of $20 with things I know he'll like and activities he'll enjoy.

I have 6 months of boxes planned out with the perfect mix of toys and activities!  At the beginning of the month I'll post a shopping list, a free download and some instructions.  All you need is a printer, a box and a pre-schooler with a big imagination!

Since I didn't set a huge budget for this project and each box will contain a Recipe, an Activity, a Craft, Something Educational and a Toy, I will primarily shop at the Dollar Tree - If you don't have one near you, a lot of these things can be found very cheap anyway!

The first "box" will launch on Monday July 1st with the first them ever:

Will you join me?



  1. Neat idea. Good luck with it!

    I've started making a car toy bag. I take one of those bags that sheets come in (the cloth kind that you have absolutely no use for ever again) and fill it with random toys. I put one in each car and K gets to rediscover her toys on a long car ride.

    1. That's awesome!! I do have a pile of those bags somewhere..hmm :)