Thursday, October 20, 2011

Adding New Members to the Family...

…ones that bark or purr.
We got a kitten, totally unplanned, they were off a dairy farm where Nana buys milk and there were two little cuties left. We brought one home with the necessary accessories and Bear was in heaven, until he learned that the kitten was not leaving. He’s been extremely jealous the past few days and this morning even kicked the kitten. NOT OK! So it was Time-Out for Bear. I know adding a new member to the family will make him jealous but I am stuck on how to teach him to play nice with the kitty. Will it just pass or is there something specific I should be doing? When I come home I immediately come to Bear, not the kitten, and I have spent all my time when both of us are awake playing and tending to him, so I am not sure WHY he is jealous. I am determined to find the answer one way or another and will get back to you all when I know.
Has anyone added pets to the mix lately?

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  1. Sorry. No help. We've had our dog before the baby. They've spent the better part of the past year ignoring each other, though now the dog realizes baby=food and baby realizes dog=fun.

    Good luck with the kitty.