Sunday, October 9, 2011

Painty Mess

I often write about the dollar store - it is my favorite place for cheap, quick activities - so here we are at the dollar store (again) and we see paint. Another crazy messy project that Bear will somehow get on the ceiling, or walls, or carpet! I remembered that list of 25 things to do with a toddler and so we got the paints (6 colors) and we got home. I stripped him down to his diapers - i put on a shirt I dont care about and I lay 5 pieces of paper in the tub and plopped out the colors on the floor of the bathtub and set him in there. At first he didn't understand what to do with it and didn't real.y want to touch it but then i started smearing it on him and the sides of the tub and making handprints and he joined in - turned out to be tons of fun. For cleanup I took the shower head down and his diaper off and just gave everything a hose down. The paper was covered in hand and footprints so i hung them to dry and saved them for the baby book or a memoir or something.
Bundles of fun for only $1.00!


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