Sunday, October 16, 2011

DIY Photo Shoot

Doing a DIM (do it myself) photo shoot today!

What will I bring?
Cannon Rebel T2i
Toy Truck

Bear dressed in something casual

Where am I going?
I did them last year at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Saco, so we will head there again.

This is one from last year:
I'll post the results after!! Truthfull I just cant afford a photographer but I took the picture above on 10.17.10 last year so it's been almost exactly a year! I jUst love the fall!


  1. We did the same at a local pumpkin patch! I like how you used the Bumbo and covered it with a cloth. And the "Bear" cute! :)

  2. Thanks! The ones from this year came out great but it was hard now that he runs EVERYWHERE!