Saturday, October 1, 2011

VACATION! - Need Your Help

Hi Ladies!

I went back to work 5 weeks after Bear was born and have worked full time work weeks since. I take off the occasional Friday or sick day but haven't spent more than a weekend at a time with Bear since those 5 weeks. I have the entire week off next week and have two day trips planned but other than that I am not sure what to do! I feel like we should do something mom and son special but low cost - anyone have suggestions? FYI it's rainy and I live in Maine =]



  1. Did you do something fun on your days off? I hope there were sights to see and fun was had!

  2. thanks! we ended up taking a long nature walk, making a rice box, painting in the bathtub and a few other fun things. Truly the best stay-cation ever =]