Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Indoor RICE Box

A spin on the "sand box" - this is totally not my idea I've seen tons of mom's post this in va

rious places but I thought I'd try it. It's very risky, tiny grains of rice, in my living room, with a toddler. It went very well! We went to the dollar store where they sell 1.5lb bags of long grain white rice and I have "under the bed" boxes already (they are shallow) and we bought 4 bags of rice (6lb) enough to evenly coat the bottom with about 3/4 of an inch. I grabbed a plastic parking cone (mini) they had in the checkout sections and some of Bear's trucks, measureing cups, anything solid plastic, and layed out a big blanket (for easy cleanup) and we have so much fun. We drew the alphabet in the rice and played trucks, filled various containers and poured them out - a blast. And the cleanup was easy just bundled up the blanket poured it into the container, put the lid on and slid it under the couch for later!

I hope someone else trys this because it was an awesome rainy day activity :)



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