Monday, May 13, 2013

Honest Co. - Great Stuff

I received a bottle of Honest Co shampoo/body wash from last months CitrusLane box.  It was an off consistency (kind of like aloe) and smelled a little like watered down coconut.  I wasn't sure about it but Bear loves it!  I decided to try their bundle pricing ($35.95) since we're out of our normal household stuff (kitchen and bathroom cleaner) and I haven't found anything that I didn't mind using around the cat and Bear.  Some stuff is too harsh, some doesn't work at all and some smells terrible and leaves a lingering fume.

I had a coupon so I used that instead of their "free trial" since not everything I wanted was in the trial version.

I chose:
SPF 30 Sunscreen $13.95 - Not greasy, yay!  We haven't had enough sun to really use this yet.
Bug Spray $12.95 - It's a spray and smells like citronella   Not sticky going on and worked pretty good on Bear yesterday afternoon when the bugs came out.  I got bit, he did not!
Fruit & Veggie Wash $6.95 - Since we're shopping at the farmers market and tend to eat fresher vegetables in the summer, I got this for cleaning up the fruits.  It's pretty much like any veggies wash I've ever owned.
Bathroom Cleaner $5.95 - This is amazing, it smells kind of minty.  I cleaned the whole bathroom with it.  It wasn't as wonderful as I'd hoped on our tub, but to be fair our tub just needs to be re-sealed and replaced.  Great for everyday type cleaning and for tile (our tub walls are tile as well as the floor).
Multi-Surface Cleaner $5.95 - I loved this the most.  Got stuff that was stuck on our counter (also tile) off without scrubbing and even cleaned our glass-top stove really well.  I also used this on our kitchen floor with my swiffer wet (I use hospital socks instead of the cleaning pads you have to buy - toss it in the wash when done).  This one smells like....wait for it...nothing!  I even let Bear help me clean since it's basically corn alcohol and cant really harm anything.

Total individually - $45.75 (does not include shipping)
I paid - $34.71 (includes shipping)

Overall I was happy with what I got.  They have it set up as a monthly subscription for $35.95 that is easily cancelled right on their website. You can also just choose your next bill date so I could have this set to send again in two months, one week, whatever.  My plan is to get the Oxy Boost, Stain Remover, Floor Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner and one other thing in the next shipment then I'll put it on hold until I need more.

I am one to buy dollar store cleaners but I am officially converted to the all natural stuff.

I highly recommend The Honest Company


PS A reminder that these companies are not paying me for praises.  Companies I recommend are because I like them.

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