Thursday, May 2, 2013

Family Time - Coupon Style!

Throughout the last several months I've been saving up groupon and living social credits and buying small $5-10 deals here and there for local outings.

I am doing a different take on the Date Night Sticks post (which I never actually successfully did) for Weeknight Family Outings! I have an envelope in our closet with all the pre-paid vouchers and will write each of the activities + some free ones on popsicle sticks for Bear to choose.

Why am I doing it this way?  Tim and I are paid bi-weekly on the same schedule.  It sucks to say the least but we both end up broke by the same time each week and feel a bit bummed.  This way, when we're all a little sick of the yard, we can just pick one and go with no worries about checking the bank.

Here are some of the things I have so far (most expire by September so we are doing these as summer outings)

$25 Gift Card to a local toy store - we got this as a gift and have yet to use it.  Why not make it a special treat!
$10 to spend on feeding tokens at Smiling Hill Farm's petting zoo - I paid $5 at LivingSocial
$10 to spend on GoBerry Local Frozen Yogurt - I paid $5 at LivingSocial
FREE - Trip to Fort Williams to explore the bunkers and see the lighthouse
FREE - Mini-Golf in Old Orchard Beach - got this last year at the end of the season $15 value
$30 to spend at Maria's Italian Restaurant - I paid $8 at LivingSocial

I figure this is a great start - super excited to surprise everyone with fun stuff! Kept this one from Tim too so it will be a big treat :)


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