Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Such a wonderful weekend in the Peterpora household!  Thank you nice weather!  Saturday we went to the local farmers market so get some veggies and scope out where Monster Sillybets will set up.  I wanted to buy just about everything but was limited to a small wad of cash so I made do.  Bear got 4 wooden dollars and picked out cucumbers to buy.

We got carrots (Ninja Carrots), cabbage, cucumbers, radishes, baby greens salad and a big plump tomato!

Ninja Carrot

Then Bear had a lovely time playing with his Monster Truck while Mommy raked the lawn.  We also planted some succulents and seeded some veggies.

By the time Daddy got home it was time for supper.  Sunday was stressful at first (had a lovely run in with the SoPo PD because apparently I missed a tole back in JULY - oops) but they were extremely nice and didn't tow my car.  Phew!  So we drove home and took Tim's car instead.  We got breakfast at Rosie's in Saco which was great because Tim and Bear wanted lunch food and I wanted breakfast.

Bear chose to order onion rings but ended up eating half my eggs and some of Daddy's fries too.  Daddy got a turkey BLT with nice real turkey and I got hash, eggs and an english muffine (I piled it up and made a sandwich - it was soooo good).

Then we head over to Laurel Hill in Saco for our Semi-Annual Family Pictures! Hooray! Here are a few of my favorites...

The daffodils are why we come to a cemetery for family pictures.

Then Bear took a nice long nap and when he got up we painted pretty pictures in the nude (him not me - I prefer clothing).

After painting it was grocery time!!! Bear wasn't happy about it and threw a fit on the way to the car.  He had GIANT snot bubbles and I laughed which made him stop having a tantrum.  Then he requested a picture so he could see...

So handsome...

That concluded our wonderful spring weekend!  What did you do this weekend?


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