Thursday, April 18, 2013

April CitrusLane Box Review

Goody goody CitrusLane - sorry for all the boxes - I just want to share.  I am not in the mood to blog about parenting or fussy toddlers today and I was blessed with TWO packages in the mail today! Wahoooo!

So this is Bear's box:

Sorry the picture is not spectacular - my mom snapped it quickly mid-day before I got home and the minute I walked through the door I tore it all was one of those days :)

In the Box:

Zoo Straw Bottle by Skip Hop - they were testing a new "add on" feature this month so I paid $6 for the bottle.  I liked it because it has a cover that slides over the straw so it wont leak and the straw wont fall out.  Also has a neat little strap that is easy for small hands. Retail this is $6.00

Paint with Water - Melissa & Doug - I actually almost got this through a zulilly sale a month or two ago but decided not to since I am trying NOT to spend money.  We haven't played with it yet but it looks super fun! Retail $4.99

Keepin' Fresh Kids Food Storage by InnoBaby + Bonus 15% Off - We got two of these.  They are cute and have snap sides which I like.  You can never have too much storage right?  Retail $3.75 round + $4.00 square

Non-Slip Placemat by Oogaa + Bonus 30% Off - Love this!  Its a silicone placemat with outlines of little animals on it.  Worked will with dinner and wipes down easy for fast cleanup.  Retail $8.99

Kids Mashups by Plum Organics + 2 Bonus .50 Off Coupons - We got blueberry flavored.  Normally Bear turns his nose up at these food in the bag snacks but it was half gone when I got home so it couldn't have been that bad!  Retail $1.12

Shampoo & Body Wash by The Honest Company + Bonus 20% Off - I have wanted to try Honest Company for a while.  There is alot of hype and with a momma like Jessica Alba behind it I found it intriguing.  The shampoo has a nice mild smell and the pop-up lid has a different design than most shampoo bottles (sucker for design).  Retail $9.95

Total Retail Value (excluding the SkipHop Bottle) $32.80

This was a good box - not fantastic but some months are bound to be better than others since it is a "one box fits all" kind of deal.  Can't complain :)

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