Thursday, April 4, 2013

10 Indoor Party Games

My friend Sofia and mother of three is throwing an indoor party.  It's so easy to throw the kids outside with a ball and call it a day but what if you can't?  Entertaining kids inside sounds daunting but it got me thinking and I've put together a list of indoor games and activities fit for kids 3+


Bean Bag Toss
Get bean bags or foam balls (foam may be better in a smaller more...breakable...setting) from the dollar store.  There are two ways to do this, start by marking your "standing line" at one end of a hallway or stretch of room with masking tape.

Option 1 (probably better for older kids) cut holes in the tops of boxes and number the outsides with point values.  Place them at different distances from the start spot.

Option 2 (for the younger crowd) make squares are various distances on the floor with masking tape and number them with different point values.

Have the kids line up and take turns tossing into the spots.  Keep track of points on a poster or paper OR just throw for fun!

Best Buds Relay
Get several medium sized balls that are lightweight (the ones from grocery stores or dollar store are good - soccer ball? Not so much).  Designate a starting and ending point - for little kids a straight line is better, for older you can add obstacles like circle the couch twice.  Have the kids pair up and put one arm around the neck of their partner side by side and put the ball between them (held between their sides above the hip)

If you drop the ball or touch it with your hands you have to start over, the first pair to reach the finish win!

image from Parenting

Freeze Dance
I LOVE doing this with kids.  They are so cute dancing and get all giggly when you stop.  What I like about this is it is not as rough as musical chairs (which can get pushy and end in tears).  Get some good kids songs and a nice wide space for dancing.  Dance crazy while the music goes but when it pauses everyone has to stop!  If you want it to be less competitive just have a kid stay frozen for one dance if they don't stop when the music stops.  Then they are not sitting on the sides by themselves.

Simon Says
Pretty similar to the above - and we all know how to play.  This is not only learning how to listen but also super fun!

Laser Gazer
I've seen this one all over the internet so I apologize that I don't have the source for the original image.  Tape red yarn from wall to wall at various angles.  The object is to get through without knocking any down or touching them.  A toddler will most likely just rip it all down so may be better for older kids.


Under Table Home
Get a table cloth or sheet that hangs over your table and just touches the floor.  Make a slit from the floor to just below the top of the table OR just cut out a door.  Use tie-backs to hold the door back and draw some windows with sharpie and any details you want - tada! Playhouse that is gone in a snap!

Carpet Town (or wood floor)
Using masking tape, you (or some kids) can plan out an entire city - use the tape to make sidewalks, roads, city lines, building lots, etc.  Feel free to incorporate leggos for buildings, play people and lots of toy cars!

Exploration Station
Collect a bunch of toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  Cut them all the be the same size (about 5 inches) and staple two side by side and use a hold punch to make holes on the sides for a yarn neck-strap.  Make enough sets for each kid and let them decorate with markers.  Make bingo sheets that picture objects around the house.  At each object you drew place a sheet of stickers next to it. Pair up the kids (if younger) when they find the object they put the sticker on the image and the first to get 4 in a row wins!  The binoculars just make them look like little explorers - not really necessary :)


Its getting late and it was a long day so I am just going to list off a few and count them as Nine and Ten on my list :)

Rock Painting - can be done with markers so there is no paint mess
Make Your Own Hat - make pre-cut pieces of yard]n, tape, colored paper, crimpy scissors, small boxes, etc and award each kid with different things (pre-make "best blank" plaques on paper. Ex Tallest Hat, Prettiest Hat, Most Colorful Hat...
Egg Dying - not just for Easter!
Party Plate Masks - get cheap white plates, markers, yarn and stickers.  Cut eye holes and make masks

Any more ideas from any of you creative Mommas?


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