Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Proud Momma - Making Progress

It's safe to say some days are definitely better than others.  Today I got home from work and Bear hadn't napped - usually a BIG sign he wont eat dinner and will melt down by 630.  Knowing this I started bedtime early, bath at 6:45 which lead to a huge meltdown on Bear's part.  He didn't want to get out and he was itchy and didn't know how to deal with it.  I kept my cool, knelt down by the tub and asked him to tell me how he felt - he yelled more.  I offered to help him itch his back because he couldn't reach it and he eventually gave in and felt better.

Then something else set him off so I decided it was time to take the flailing toddler out of the tub filled with water - I foresee bad things happening.  He wouldn't stay in bed while I tidied the bathroom so I told him it was time to run as fast as he could as many times as he could for 10 minutes - seemed like a good idea...right?  It went well until I was done and told him he could run the house only TWO more times, I counted, I got to two, annnddddd screaming, fists on the floor, kicking his feet. Time for bed.  At least he he told me "Im angry" which is what I have been trying to get him to do (tell me how he feels).

I put him in bed, and he screamed for his "little TV".  I kept my cool, offered to rub his back, orrfered to sing a song, play music, read a story but no.  He knows me too well, he kept stopping for a moment and then saying "I stopped crying now I want my tv" and I tried to tell him that the reason I wasn't giving him the TV was because it was bedtime not because he was upset.  After ten minutes of this, he finally let me cover him with the blankies but then he got itchy again (dry skin) and I grabbed lotion and told him it would feel better if I could put it on.

I put on the lotion, he calmed down just enough for me to begin to reason.  Covers, then a drink from sippy cup, then I sang "you are my sunshine" four times and he was out by 7:45.

I am proud of him for calming down and working out his feelings with me.  I am proud of me for not loosing my cool and not giving in to toddler demands.  I am feeling good and hope we can do this again tomorrow - maybe with a little less freak-out on Bear's part?

How are the end of the two's treating you?


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