Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Toddler Learning Activity

So I see these blogs and pictures of what claim to be learning activities for toddlers and every time I think "Pshht - B would NOT sit still to do that!" but over the weekend was pleasantly surprised at this activity..

We have been verrrryyyy sloooowwwllyyyy finishing up the basement.  We made a huge step back in November when we leveled and laid the floor in the third bedroom and painted then we didn't touch it until Sunday when we installed my office in the closet downstairs - yay!  I have big mason jars filled with wonderful, colorful crafty things and Bear chose to play with the clothes pins and pom poms.  He started by just throwing pom pom's at the kitten and then I gave him the idea of dumping out the pom poms and using a clothes pin to drop them back into the jar.

He did REALLY well and enjoyed it!!  I'd like to think he was learning how to be patient and how to control the small movements (or it was just that the pom poms were colorful and he was pretending to be an excavator).

Oh to be three!


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